Cladding Coatings

We are proud of the commercial and industrial roofing services we provide through the UK and one of our favourite types of projects to take on is cladding coating.

Commercial and industrial buildings which have prefabricated metal roof and wall cladding systems systems can start to deteriorate over time. Coating the cladding sheets is the perfect solution to protect the building, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure.


The main reason for using cladding coatings is to add an additional layer of protection to the building’s exterior system. It can increase the overall strength of any building and protect it from a whole range of potentially damaging elements, such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, mould and humidity.

Assuming the right coating product is used, it will also make the cladding much more resistant to cracks caused by temperature or climate change and more efficiently withstand any water absorption, sunlight or pollution damage.

Cost & efficiency

Cladding requires very little maintenance, other than a regular wash to keep it clean. It’s for this reason that coated cladding is an extremely cost effective solution compared to alternatives such as painted surfaces. Due to our team being trained and approved contractors for wide a range of coating products, we can coat almost any material to provide additional protection from the elements and greatly improve the life expectancy of cladding on commercial and industrial buildings.


In addition to the cost benefits and efficiency of using coated cladding over other alternatives, another main benefit of using cladding in general is it generally provides a greater level of aesthetic quality to commercial and industrial buildings. Our Roof Coatings division works closely with our Commercial & Industrial Roofing division to choose the right coating solution for the project they’re working on. This collaborative approach enables our team to plan the visual elements of the external structure and ensure the aesthetics are carefully considered on behalf of our clients, which consequently leads to an improved market value of the property for the building owner.

The extensive experience and capabilities of our Roof Coatings team means that we can offer a wide variety of styles, colours and materials for our clients to choose from. Every project is unique and regardless of whether our clients choose a polished granite finish or the rustic style of brick cladding, we can provide a cladding coating solution that will provide added protection, whilst maintaining the desired look and feel.

Why use PremGroup?

As leading commercial and industrial contractors, we understand the need to have specialist, skilled workers providing a technically complex service, which is why PremGroup has a specialist Roof Coating division, dedicated to providing the best protection for our clients’ buildings.

Whilst our offices are located mostly in the South of the UK, we operate on an international level and have completed cladding coating projects across both the UK and Europe.

If you have a project coming up involving cladding, get in touch with PremGroup today to discuss your requirements for protective cladding coatings and we’ll provide you with a free quotation for the project.