Moisture penetration within flat roof construction is difficult to locate. For this reason the PremGroup team use market leading technology to investigate the cause of breaches and leaks.

Active Leak Detection

Once water has penetrated the roof it causes damage that can be repaired only with great effort and at significant cost. Whether it’s a one off inspection or part of the yearly maintenance procedure, our leak detection technology can ensure an extended life expectancy of your roof.

Dynamic Leak Detection Meter

Why PremGroup?

Our Leak Detection Service provides a non-invasive way to detect multiple defects including pin-hole leaks in the waterproofing of your building to millimetre accuracy. Knowing exactly where the problems are lets our surveyors provide targeted and effective reports, which give you an affordable alternative to a complete roof replacement.

Our procedures and systems ensure that you do not have to rely on just the human eye, as are supported by reports and opinions based on scientific evidence.

Rainfall Simulation is used as a controlled localised, targeted, detection system. In our experience, the majority of roof leaks are normally due to faults in areas containing detail or water flow. Areas such as abutment details, gutters, downpipes and outlets, upstands and corner details are where we usually locate leakage. Using a dye solution, our surveyors can test by creating a dam to the suspected failed area and applying simulated rainfall, pinpointing the areas of ingress.

Roof Thermal ImagingOur state of the art micro bolometer technology ensures precise thermal images made up of 110,952 individual temperature measuring spots that ensures high quality videos are produced highlighting cold spots within the roof build-up. This enables us to produce reports that are focused on real-time evidence of trapped moisture within the roof. Once a leak is highlighted and rectified it is easy to forget that the trapped water can actually continue to slowly damage the fabric of the building.

Electronic Leak DetectionWe offer two types of active leak detection services which represent the best technologies available in Roof Leak detection; the Dry Test system and the Wet Test System. Both systems work by testing the insulative qualities, highlighting breaches and mechanical damage of the membrane against the conductive qualities of other elements such as water or foil faced insulation board.

The Wet Roof System requires the roof to be entirely wet as transmission of the electricity through the water provides a signal that highlights the roof. The operator surrounds the area with a trace wire and uses 2 electrodes and a pulse generator to send an electrical pulse through the roof surface, the direction finder then directs the operator towards the fault that is producing the leak.

The Dry Roof System requires a surface free from moisture as the system uses voltage to jump into the air which breaks the circuit and identifies the fault. Our operators sweep the area using an electrode and an alarm system, once the electrode identifies a problem area the alarm sounds pointing directly to the fault picking up even the smallest pin prick.

De-saturation offers a technically viable solution to a failed roof system, a leak can cause damage that comes with huge expense. De-saturation means that up to 90% of trapped moisture can be removed from the roof build-up without the need of complete roof replacement. Extracting trapped water can restore insulation performance at a fraction of the cost.

When is De-saturation used?
Once testing such as Thermal Imaging and Leak detection has highlighted areas that are problematic De-Saturation is normally introduced leaving the roof free of trapped moisture.

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