Delcote Roof Coatings

Endorsed by leading steel manufacturers and specified in confidence by building surveyors and property managers, Sharmans’ Delcote products are engineered specifically for the industrial roofing environment.

PremGroup has extensive experience of working with a range of coating and protective application products such as Delcote. PremGroup is also a fully fledged member of of Sharmans’ Approved Contractor Network and can provide a comprehensive specification, supply and application service across a wide range of roofs.

Delcote Architectural Coating is used to improve weatherproofing and protection for metal roofing and cladding.


  • Outstanding weathering & UV resistant
  • Durability proven with a life exptency of over 25 years
  • Naturally water repellent and corrosion resistant
  • Long term elasticity, pliability and flexibility
  • Does not chalk and degrade over time

Seamsil 100 is designed to provide an effective long-life solution to the problems of corrosion at cut edges and overlap joints on all types of profiled metal roofs.


  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Proven corrosion resistence
  • Water repellent seal
  • Remains tough and flexible
  • Long life protection in elasticity and encapsulation

Seamsil 400 is a silicone based system engineered specifically to prevent further corrosion of roof sheet bolts and fixings, by providing a temporary, protective elastic seal.


  • Outstanding weather and UV resistance
  • Ideal for use in areas with industrial pollution and/or coastal or marine environments
  • Naturally water repellent and corrosion resistant
  • High elasticity, pliability and flexibility
  • Does not chalk and degrade

Delcote GS is a gutter coating product designed specifically to protect cast iron and lead gutter systems.


  • 10 year system guarantee
  • Withstands long term exposure to the atmosphere
  • Long term elasticity and flexibility
  • No need for mechanical fixings

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