Asbestos roof coatings prevent deterioration, maintain the efficacy of the roof and prevent asbestos fibres entering the environment. As if that’s not enough, you can also change the colour of the sheeting at the same time.

Asbestos Roof Coatings

With an expected lifespan of 25-40 years and only installed prior to the year 2000, most asbestos sheet roofs are reaching the end of their useable life. This is a particular concern as deteriorating asbestos sheeting releases microscopic asbestos fibres, which can be lethal if inhaled. Asbestos roof coatings prevent the release of asbestos into the building interior or local environment and extend the working life of an asbestos sheet roof. Improving the aesthetic appearance of the roof is another advantage of resealing, and many customers use resealing as an opportunity to update the colour of the roof.

Asbestos Cement Roof

Asbestos Roof Coating Maintenance

Asbestos fibres can be lethal, so it is essential that all work on an asbestos roof is done by qualified professionals using appropriate equipment and safety measures. This is particularly true where the roof is already in a state of disrepair or decay. For this reason, we strongly recommend sealing any asbestos roof which is beginning to show signs of wear and updating the seal regularly. As roofing experts, our team can survey asbestos roofs and help property owners make a maintenance and repair timeline which will ensure that occupants of the building and the local area are kept safe.

Why Use PremGroup?

PremGroup has been trained to the highest standard in dealing with asbestos and our team has decades’ of experience in both asbestos removal and asbestos roof coatings. In addition to our significant experience in the application of roof coatings on asbestos roofs, PremGroup is also fully accredited and approved by all of the major UK bodies governing and overseeing the roofing and construction industries.

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