Metal Roof Refurbishment Quotes

Ageing roofs often start to leak and can quickly deteriorate causing extensive damage to the interior of the property. Return your roof to its as-new state with our refurbishment service: we’ll assess and inspect your roof to give you options that suit your roof and your budget.

Metal Roof Refurbishment

When your roof starts to leak, you need to act fast to prevent serious damage. If possible, it’s best to refurbish your roof before a break in the seal occurs. Our refurbishment service is designed to improve existing roofs and prevent damage before it occurs. We also work with roofs with known problems, sealing and repairing roofs as part of the service. The type of refurbishment required will depend on the roof in question, and we can offer options that are in keeping with the character of your property, your time limits and your budget.
Metal Roof Refurbishment

Flat Roofs vs Pitched Roofs

Flat roofs tend to have a shorter lifespan than pitched roofs, and are also often subject to more wear and tear. As roofing specialists, we offer a wide range of options for repairing and refurbishing flat roofs, finding the right one for each project. A popular choice is to reseal the roof, covering the existing material (such as felt, asbestos or concrete) with a watertight liquid overlay. This has the advantage that it adds an extra layer to your existing roof, meaning that insulation and other roofing elements remain in place. It’s also quick and easy to apply as our cold-pour liquid overlay does not require heat or flame to seal.

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