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Twin Skinned Profiled Metal Roof Systems

Created from two layers of profiled metal, twin skinned roof systems separate internal and external roofing with a layer of insulation. Offering versatility at an affordable price, this type of roofing is popular for large-span projects from restaurants to warehouses.

Twin skinned roof systems allow for a layer of insulation between two separated profiled metal skins. This offers an affordable and practical option for roofing wide spaces, such as warehouses, factories and sports halls.  Our expert team can offer advice to our customers at every stage of the process, from design and material selection through to maintenance and after care, as well as sourcing and installing appropriate elements.

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Standing Seam Systems

Designed to be durable, reliable and prevent leaks, standing seam systems are found on buildings of all kinds. The distinctive ridges give buildings with a metal roof a modern look as well as reducing maintenance and repair costs.

With distinctive vertical ridges running up the slope of the roof, standing seam systems are easy to spot. Popular on all types of buildings, from museums to warehouses, family homes to factories, this versatile and effective roof type gives a modern look to a building while ensuring it has an effective weatherproof seal and appropriate rain fall management. By definition, standing seam roof systems have raised seams. Compared to flat joins or flush seams, standing seams reduce the risk of leakages and as a result are easier to maintain and more reliable over the lifespan of the roof.

Standing Steam System

Composite Profiled Metal Roofs

Combining a weatherproof layer, insulation and lining in one pre-manufactured panel, composite profiled metal roofs are quick to install. A popular option for new industrial buildings, they are growing in popularity as manufacturing advances give customers more choice.

Providing an all-in-one panel system, composite profiled metal roofs are an affordable and effective option for industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic properties.  They combine a weather proof layer, insulation and lining in one pre-made element, making installation quicker and easier. They are quick to install and are therefore popular with builds where time is of the essence, for example to rapidly replace a decaying roof on a busy factory, reducing the number of shut-down days required.

Aluminium Cappings

Lightweight and versatile, aluminium cappings provide an excellent finishing solution for walls and roof boundaries. An affordable and attractive option, aluminium capping is available in a wide range of colours and styles suitable for almost any project. When properly installed, weatherproof aluminium cappings make an excellent seal to the building envelope and can be integrated with the rainfall management system.

Aluminium capping provides an excellent alternative to traditional lead, stone or cement options. Parapet and boundary walls require capping to prevent rainfall, snow and other weather causing problems to the structure of the walls, roof and even building interior. The lightweight metal is easy to install making it a quick fix for both existing properties and new builds. Aluminium cappings are an affordable option, typically being lower cost than the main alternatives.

Aluminium Capping

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