Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

Structures built before the year 2000 and period properties renovated in the 20th century are likely to contain asbestos in some form and roofing is a very common location. In many cases, asbestos roofs can be safely resealed, extending the working life of the roof for up to 30 years. In some cases, however, the decision to remove and replace the roof has to be made, perhaps because it has been damaged or simply reached the end of its functional lifespan. As asbestos fibres can each be deadly, it is vital that qualified professionals using appropriate safety equipment undertake any work where asbestos may be present.

Asbestos Roof Refurbishment

Properly maintaining an asbestos roof is essential to prevent potentially lethal asbestos fibres escaping into the building or the surrounding environment. As an example, older asbestos roofs are often covered in moss. This retains water during rainfall and encourages lichen growth, both of which can permeate the roof causing failure of the cement base and releasing asbestos fibres released into the building.

Cleaning and resealing an asbestos roof is highly recommended as it will not only prevent asbestos fibres from being released but will also prolong the life of the roof by up to 30 years. Specialising in high quality and affordable asbestos cleaning and coating services, our expert team using safe, economical and effective processes to clean and reseal asbestos roofs all over the UK. Our high-pressure cleaning equipment thoroughly cleans the roof surface without creating a lot of mess or allowing asbestos fibres to escape, making the surface ready for resealing treatments.

Asbestos Over Cladding

Asbestos Roof Removal

With decades of experience, our highly-qualified team can safely remove and replace asbestos roofs and roofing elements containing asbestos. Asbestos may be found in chimney pots, tiles and guttering as well as asbestos cement sheets. As these elements age, they begin to deteriorate, releasing potentially lethal asbestos fibres into the building and environment. Any wear should be immediately noted and repaired or the roof removed.
Asbestos Roofing

Oversheet & Cladding

Over cladding adds one or more additional layers on top of your existing roof. This can be used to increase the insulation in your roof, bringing your property in line with current legislation and lowering heating bills. It can also be used to reseal your roof, making it watertight again, and to protect the existing roofing structure from the elements, preventing further damage which might lead to the entire roof needing to be replaced. An over cladding project can also be combined with replacing existing skylights or installing new ones; installing solar panels; adding work at height safety features; and other improvements.

Asbestos Overcladding

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