Architectural Facades

Weather resistant and decorative, architectural facades and rain screens shape the look of a building as they are fully exposed to view. As a result, choosing an option which is both effective and aesthetically appealing is essential.

What Are Architectural Facades?

Designed to prevent water reaching the main body of a building, rain screens can be installed during construction or at a later date. Along with other forms of architectural facades and cladding, rain screens have a significant effect on the final appearance of a building. For this reason, colour, texture and style are more critical than in other weatherproofing elements. Rain screens and cladding take many forms, from discrete panels with an airflow gap to a continuous system backed by external insulation. Cladding systems can be used to improve and update older buildings, particularly those suffering from weather damage or poor insulation.

Architectural Facade

What Do Architectural Facades Do?

Although improving the aesthetic presentation of a building is a common reason for updating the cladding, it’s essential to bear in mind the physical limitations of the building, such as weight and load bearing, as well as critical building issues such as ventilation, fire safety, insulation and weather proofing. The right architectural cladding can give an older building an updated, modern and attractive look while also improving the functioning of the property and making it a safer and more pleasant place to live or work. Cladding systems are used on buildings of all types, and our team are able to offer advice on selecting appropriate cladding as well as installing it.

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