Roof Light Replacement Quotes

Replacing a worn, discoloured or damaged roof light is quick and easy. We offer straightforward like-for-like replacements using the existing frame or upstand as well as a range of upgrades and alternatives, including walk-on roof lights.

Roof Light Replacement

Replace cracked, damaged or ageing roof lights and feel the benefits of modern materials. Replacement roof lights can usually be fitted on the existing frame or upstand, reducing the cost of upgrading your property. New roof lights offer many advantages over older models including increased fire safety, a reduction in heat loss and lower ongoing maintenance. Moreover, as roof lights age they often become cloudy, discoloured or tinted, reducing the amount of light entering the building. Replacing your roof lights can lower your lighting bills and even improve employee morale.

Roof Light Replacement

Why PremGroup?

Our team offer like-for-like roof light replacement, but you may prefer to upgrade your roof light while you are replacing it. Switching from a flat roof light to a dome, for example, may increase the amount of light which reaches the interior of the building, while upgrading to walk-on roof lights increases the safety of your roof if regular access is required. Roof lights are part of the weatherproof seal on your building, and as a result any damage to the roof light or its fitting can turn into a significant problem if left unchecked. Even a slight leak or noticeable draft should be investigated before a small problem grows.

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