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We specialise in all aspects of flat roofing systems for industrial and commercial clients using industry leading techniques and materials. Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge working with the latest technologies from suppliers to keep our clients' roofs watertight.

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Commercial Flat Roofing

We work with clients and their surveyors or architects, from design to completion to evaluate the best possible commercial flat roofing solution available to reduce overall costs to the client.

Our PremRoofing division has a wealth of experience delivering projects within various industry sectors, which you can see in the project case studies section of the website. Our comprehensive specification and design service ensures you receive the most watertight solution using agreed maximum cost structures.

Roof Light Replacement

Flat Roofing Systems & Materials

Designed to last for over 30 years, our single ply roofing systems are durable and eco-friendly making them the ideal flat roof overlay material. We work closely with our chosen suppliers to produce an end product which is waterproof, not affected by sunlight or standing water.

The material is pliable, easily overcomes awkward detailing, and heat welded seams and steel roof edges mean that no bitumen or naked flames are required.

We offer a full life-cycle service for felt roofs and our solutions include planning & installation, refurbishment, resealing, removal and replacement of existing felt.

A felt roof is typically just one element of a more complex roof which has been built up in layers, usually including an underlay or basic support  and an overlay, tiles or additional roofing material between the felt and the sky. A properly installed felt roof is watertight, so it may be the final layer of roofing, particularly on small, flat roofed buildings such as garages, workshops and sheds.

We can also offer advice and detailed assessments on the best way to extend the life of your felt roof.

Hot melt is a membrane which is applied as a hot liquid to a structural deck to create a completely seamless, massive layer.

Hot melt waterproofing systems have a long track record of reliability and performance in the UK. They provide cost-effective installation and an outstanding life expectancy, and are regularly chosen to protect prestigious new build projects. Hot melt systems are typically specified underneath paved and ballasted roofs, as podium deck waterproofing and as part of green or biodiversity roofs.

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